Can You Drink Only Meal Replacement Shakes For Every Meal?

Can You Drink Only Meal Replacement Shakes for Every Meal?

Last Updated on May, 2024

Every time we find an easy and convenient way to do something, we try to depend on it every time. This doesn’t usually end up good for us in the long run.

With industrialization and the introduction of technology in our day-to-day lives, the rate of obesity and laziness in people spiked. The same notion can be applied when we consider replacing all our meals with these shakes.

Quick Summary

Meal replacement shakes are a convenient way to get nutrition, but not a substitute for whole foods.

It should not be used to replace consecutive meals, but rather as a supplement to regular meals.

It can be a beneficial part of a weight loss plan, as long as natural meals are included.

What Happens if You Drink Only Meal Replacement Shakes?

a human preparing a meal replacement shake

Often, we wonder how convenient it would be to just replace all meals with shakes, solely because we are bored going through the hassle of preparing a meal.

Just as much as the benefits we get from a quick meal replacement while busy, there are quite a few drawbacks.

You will miss out on the nutrients that real whole foods bring to the table. Devoid of all the chemical and other processing mechanisms it goes through to be included in a meal replacement.

The process that the ingredients undergo in making meal replacement shakes and powders is a downside if you go for it consecutively. This needs to be mitigated by the inclusion of natural whole-food meals to rejuvenate your body.

There is also the fact that only a set of calories and other nutrients are included in meal replacements. These may not be fulfilling enough for your body at times which would leave you tired and exhausted.

What Does a Typical Meal Replacement Entail?

A meal replacement usually comprises natural ingredients that give out a plethora of nutrients your body needs. Organic fruits and vegetables, protein derived from grass-fed milk or plant-based – like soy or pea.

Carbohydrates consist of Dietary fibers, total sugars, and total fats that everyone needs for a balanced meal intake.

Another fact is that they provide you with specified calories to assist your workout regime by keeping you energized.

Typical Meals on the table

The best way to have meal replacement would be with some fresh fruits like bananas, mangos, and veggies to add to the nutrition of the meal replacement shake.

Do You Lose Weight if You Stick to Meal Replacements?

Yes, a surefire way to speed up your weight loss journey. Some of them are specially designed for weight management and weight loss.

You usually skip unhealthy meals when sticking to meal replacements, and this ensures that you are healthy and maintained.

Fast foods and other processed foods come with loads of sugar and carbs that make you travel down the rabbit hole of uncontrollable eating.

Maintaining a meal replacement curbs your cravings by giving you the right nutrients that your body needs to keep it sated.

And, there are digestive enzymes that play a role in healthy digestion practices that clumps of fatty foods that are conveniently available everywhere.

Is it Safe to Continue?

Not particularly. But, if you are busy and looking for a meal on the go, a meal replacement shake is always better than some fast food from a drive-thru.

Although replacing consecutive meals for a period of time without any real food is concerning and not recommended.

Therefore, you should include meal replacement shakes in your diet at intervals. Not the other way around, where you predominantly take meal replacements instead of real meals.

a human holding meal replacement shake

Therefore, the safest bet would be to include a meal replacement or two in your diet plans without resorting to other unhealthy meals when time is of the essence.

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In conclusion, we can arrive at the understanding that meal replacement shakes do give us the right nutrients that our body needs. This is suitable for every other day or when having one on the go on a busy day.

But the problem arises when we solely depend on it and leave it with natural meals. Doing this reduces the effectiveness we were planning to get from including meal replacement shakes in our diets.

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