14 Day Lemon Water Diet Review: What Is It & Does It Work?

14 Day Lemon Water Diet Review: What Is It & Does It Work?

Last Updated on May, 2024

The lemon water diet is one of the most underrated challenges that really works! 

It’s super flexible and can be followed with any diet plan as well. Also, the benefits of lemon are huge.

From removing toxins to prevent CANCER to weight loss, lemon works for everything!

That’s why I decided to try this diet and see whether it works or not! And, On day 15, I became a big fan of the lemon water diet. 

So, are you wondering whether the lemon water challenge is worth a try or not?

If yes, then you are at the right place! 

In this 14 Day Lemon Water Diet Review, I will reveal everything you should know and my story as well.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Jump into it!

What Is 14 Day Lemon Water Challenge?

Lemon water offers many benefits like 

  • Weight loss 
  • Improved digestive system
  • Detoxification, etc. 

In the 14-day lemon water challenge, you have to take lemon water (a glass of cold or warm water with lemon juice) or drink with fresh lemon (like lemon mint) juice for 14 days.

At the end of the 14 day lemon water challenge, your body will 

  • Detoxify 
  • Eliminate toxins 
  • And help you with healthy weight loss. 

Many think that the lemon water diet is a calorie deficit or starvation diet. Even many treat it like fasting. 

Well, it’s not a diet, not even fasting; it’s just a challenge! In this challenge, you must focus more on lemon water intake than calories. 

Does the 14 Day Lemon Water Challenge Help to Lose Weight? 

Yes, it does! 

Research says drinking lemon water can help you to boost your metabolic system. (1)

Whereas another research says lemon water works against body fat storage. (2)

According to nutritionists, lemons have limited and very few calories, and that’s why lemons are great for weight management. 

Also, lemons are great for your heart health and skin as well. (3)

Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water 

Drinking lemon water has many health benefits. And, we know very little of it! So, here are all the benefits of a glass of lemon water. 

  • Nutritional Value 

Fresh Lemon juice is full of nutrition. It’s a low-carb and low-sugar drink. Lemon is full of antioxidants and anti-inflammation elements like vitamin C that helps to eliminate the risk of many life-taking diseases.

A lemon also contains essentials like phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, potassium, etc. 

  • Beneficial For Weight management 

Well, it isn’t like you’ll lose an insane amount of weight.

But when you drink lemon water every day,

  1. It keeps you hydrated
  2. Boosts your metabolism
  3. And slightly helps with weight management. 

So, Yes, lemon aid weight loss. 

  • Improves Digestive System 

The lemon significantly maintains and improve digestion system. Also, it improves bowel movement naturally.

  • Detoxify 

Detoxification is really important for our health. Besides losing weight, detoxification should be our priority as well. 

A glass of lemon water can detoxify your entire body and especially your lungs so that it can flush out the toxins in your body. 

Scientific evidence says lemon flushes out toxins and kidney stones as well. 

  • Keeps You Hydrated
  • Water is important!

If you stay hydrated, your body parts will work properly. Drinking a glass of cold lemon water will keep you hydrated and help the body work properly.

  • Nourishes Your Skin

Due to detoxification, your body removes all the toxins, and your skin starts glowing as a sign.

Because of the presence of vitamin C, lemon removes the age mark as it works as an anti-aging component.

  • Improves Your Kidney Health 

Lemons are great for your kidney health. 

Lemon juice is full of citric acid, which helps to remove and prevent kidney stones. 

  • Reduces Oxidative Stress 

Lemon contains phytonutrients that save your cell from being damaged by oxidative elements. 

This way, lemon saves you from oxidative stress.

  • Reduce Joint Pain 

Drinking warm water with lemon juice can help you relieve muscle and joint pain. 

  • Make You Full 

Sometimes lemon water is ideal as a SNACK. As we all know, our thirst signal is quite weaker than the hunger signal.

That’s why, sometimes, a glass of lemon water will make you feel full. 

  • Lower Blood Pressure 

As we all know, lemon is a citrus fruit. Citrus fruits have the amazing power of lowering high blood pressure faster. 

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Disadvantages Of Drinking Lemon Water

  • May cause tooth enamel erosion.
  • You may feel uncomfortable, nausea, vomiting, or heartburn if you have a stomach problem or worsen symptoms of GERD (gastroesophageal reflux). 
  • You may pee more (diuretic effects). 

Can You Take This Challenge?

Well, almost everyone can follow the lemon water challenge. 

The lemon detox challenge doesn’t require anything. 

Still, if you have a stomach problem or gastrointestinal problem, you should discuss it with medical professionals before following the lemon diet. 

On the other hand, if you are allergic to lemons (which I believe very few people are), you should AVOID this challenge. 

Things You Should Consider Before Following the Lemon Juice Challenge

Just to make things easier for you, here are some tips you should consider before getting started with the lemon detox. 

  • Make sure you have your lemon drink juice ready. Add as many varieties as you can. Try to have both warm and cold lemon water. 
  • Add ingredients like mint, cinnamon, fresh ginger, turmeric, raw honey, etc. 
  • To avoid tooth enamel erosion, consider using a straw. 
  • Consider exercising regularly if you don’t want to see weight gain instead of weight loss. Also, follow a healthy diet. 
  • If you want, you can combine it while following any other program. 
  • Cut off sugar and unhealthy fat. 
  • Eat whole foods more and avoid processed food.
  • Don’t go harsh on yourself. Please don’t start with 6 lemons a day; instead, start slow and finish it off with consistency. 


Read my experience, and you’ll understand how you can pull it off as well. 

14 Day Lemon Water Diet: My Personal Experience

Lemon water is one of the most flexible challenges anyone can follow. 

I was already following a metabolic program when I found out about this challenge. 

After learning about this challenge, I instantly took it (as it didn’t require any further effort without drinking lemon water). 

Just like having regular water, I started taking lemon water. So, here is the lemon water detox plan I followed for 14 days. 

My regular diet was full of healthy foods, and I exercised every day at least for 30 minutes to keep my overall health fit and fine. 

Day 1 

½ of a squeezed lemon juice with warm water, right after waking up. One cup of water and the other half of the lemon after working out in the evening. 

Day 2 

Two cups of warm lemon water with honey and drank it, one glass right after waking up and another before sleeping. 

Day 3 

On the 3rd day of the lemon water detox, I had a mix lemon juice (2 lemons) with a cup of water after working out. Also, I had one cup of lemon juice with hot water in the morning. 

Day 4 

On Day 4, I had three cups of lemon drinks at different times. One in the morning, one in the afternoon, and the last one before sleeping.

Day 5 

I made 4 lemon juice and made four cups (2 warm and 2 cold). I took 2 cups of warm lemon water with little honey after waking up and before bed and 2 cups of cold water during the day.

Day 6 

Same as Day 5. 

Day 7 

On Day 7, things started picking up. Now I made a drink with 5 lemons and 5 glasses of water. After that, I drank the mixture all day long. 

Day 8

Finally, I reached my target. On the 8th day, I had six cups of lemon water made with six lemons and six glasses of water. Today, I saw some weight loss as well. 

Day 9 

Again, I had another day with six cups of lemon water with 10 cups of water. 2 of these were warm lemon water with little honey. Others were cold water.

Day 10 

I had 3 lemons with 6 glasses of water with mint leaves and honey. I made this mixture earlier in the morning and finished it off before night. 

Day 11 

3 juice of lemons with three cups of drinking water, mixed properly. I drank it all day long. 

Day 12

Ten cups of water with 5 lemons. I had two glasses of warm water in the morning and once at night. 

Day 13 

Four lemons with six cups of water mixed with honey. Drinkable until night. 

Day 14

Two warm lemon water drinks with honey, 1 glass before breakfast, and another glass before bed at night. One cold lemon water drink made with 1 lemon and plain water. 

Result Day

The result was just amazing. I saw a healthy weight loss of 5 pounds in the 14 days.

My body was 

  • Properly hydrated
  • Gut health was settled
  • Detoxified
  • Skin was glowing 
  • The immune system became stronger. 

I felt more energetic, and it seemed like my energy levels were at their peak.

Though I didn’t lose that much weight, after 14 days, I felt a massive change inside me. 

Do I Recommend the Lemon Water Diet? 

Yes, I recommend the lemon water diet. 

I found it great when it comes to switching to a happy lifestyle. You just need to start having lemon water, and then you can 

  • Start eating healthy foods
  • Exercising regularly. 

This way, you will lose weight healthily. 

So, if you are considering something that will help you sneak into a healthy lifestyle and benefits with weight management, lemon detox can help you out!

Best Ways to Have Lemon Juice 

The simple yet best way to have lemon water is to cut and squeeze lemons and mix them with water. 

Lemon water is full of diuretic properties. You can have it with both warm and cold water. 

Also, you can add other add-ons like 

  • Honey
  • Ginger
  • Mint
  • Turmeric, etc.

You can also prefer between warm and cold water. However, there are some flavored drinks available that many prefer to mix with fresh lemon juice. 

If you want to get something like this, make sure it’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved. 

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Best Combination With 14 Day Lemon Water Diet: Metabolic Cooking

The Cookbook

For better weight loss results faster, I combined the meals from metabolic cooking. 

Metabolic cooking is a 250+ recipe included cookbook. All the recipes of this book promote weight loss.

Also, the cookbook has a grocery list, and you can follow any meal you want without giving such placement (like personal data). 

So, if you follow their recipes and do some exercises with lemons, you will see much better results than others (GURANNATED). 

Final Words 

Lemons are full of minerals and vitamin C. 

This challenge can really help you to see weight loss without eating reduction. 

Even if you eat more calories, having the lemon drink will help you cut off a lot of calories. 

This lemon diet works, and it’s highly recommended to those who want to sneak into a healthy lifestyle.

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