Addison Rae Workout Routine & Diet Plan (Revealed In 2024)

Addison Rae Workout Routine & Diet Plan (Revealed in 2024)

Last Updated on May, 2024

Addison Rae is America’s fastest-growing tik tok star. She started her journey in 2019, and within three years, she has become a renowned star, an American actress with millions of fans’ love. 

She is really stunning, and her body tempts everyone. Millions of girls out there want to achieve a body like her. But Addison Rae’s Workout routine is more like a secret. 

This article will share the magical Addison Rae Workout Schedule and everything you would love to know about her lifestyle! 

So, let’s get into it! Shall we?

Who is Addison Rae?

Addison Rae is a famous American social media sensation. With over 87.5 million followers on Tiktok, 40.5 million followers on Instagram, and 4.57 million subscribers on YouTube, she was listed as one of the highest-earning TikTok personalities (Forbes, 2022). 

Recently, she has done phenomenal work on “He’s All That and Obsessed (first debut)”. Also, she is mainly known for her Tiktok dance videos and comedy sketches.

Even after having such a busy life, she maintains her workout and diet plan and looks stunning to everyone. 

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Addison Rae Body Stats

How Does Addison Rae Spend a Day? (Daily Routine)

The secret of successful people’s success lies in their daily life routine. And Addison Rae’s life is no exception. So, if you think she’s just lucky or wondering how her daily lifestyle is, go through this. 

Addison Rae is a youngster. And, like most youngsters, she loves to party hard with her friends and family. 

Addison is a night owl (like most of us). However, she is very active and has a busy workout schedule and diet plan to follow every day. 


First of all, Addison Rae isn’t a morning person. She wakes up late, and there’s nothing special she does in the morning. 

She does all her chores in the morning and catches some me time. Sometimes, she cooks for herself and her family (if she feels like it) or spends time with her brother. She primarily dedicates her daytime to her family.

Then again, there are mornings when she stays alone, which gives her some space from the busy and distracting world and helps her be more creative.


Once the morning is gone, it’s when Addison Rae’s most crucial time of the day starts.

When most of us feel slobby and don’t feel like working in the afternoon, Addison Rae starts following her workout routine and diet plan. 

In the afternoon, she exercises hard to maintain her fantastic body shape and makes TikTok videos or other content for her fans. Addison Rae workout includes dancing, Pilates, and Yoga. 

She also follows her dancing routine, she practices dance as a form of exercise, and it keeps her fit as well. Her dance practice occurs for at least one hour every day. 

Then again, she also follows her skincare and hair care routine in the afternoon. 


After a hectic afternoon, the evening is when she relaxes a bit and spends time with her family. The evening is more like a fun time for her. She gives her family time or does some Netflix and chills if she stays home.


Being a night owl, she attends most nighttime events and parties she’s invited. Mostly, there’s no nighttime for her. Sometimes she sleeps at 3 AM or doesn’t sleep at night. 

Addison Rae mostly sleeps in the morning.

What Are the Secrets Behind Addison Rae Body? 

Most people think celebs like Addison Rae don’t have any discipline. Indeed, she’s not a morning person, but if we look at the hustle she does every day, it pays off for her success. 

So, here is her daily life routine that keeps her on the track to success.

Addison Rae Workout Routine

Having and MAINTAINING a fantastic body shape is essential for a beauty influencer. That’s why Addison Rae follows three different exercises in her workout schedule. 

  • Dance 
  • Yoga 
  • Pilates 

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a type of mind-body workout that focuses on strengthening the human body and prioritizing your core strength. It improves the overall body’s balance, posture, and flexibility. 

Many of you are wondering if Addison Rae follows any full-body workout or not?

Well, Addison Rae follows a full-body workout in her gym. According to her Instagram post, her full-body workout doesn’t include any weights; instead, it’s dense-focused. 

One thing that Addison Rae’s workout promotes is not doing the same exercises every day

Dancing is one of the essential things in her daily life. She practices dancing for one hour at least every day, it’s fun, and still, she burns up to 500 calories. 

Note: Dance is a full-body workout that improves our body and mind both simultaneously.

Besides dancing, she keeps switching her exercises. Sometimes she focuses on the body’s core by doing donkey kicks and fire hydrants. Then she does exercises like sit-ups, mountain climbers, leg lifts, leg raises, push-ups, and abs tuck to strengthen and make her abs more visible. 

Also, how can we forget about Addison Rae and Kourtney Kardashian collaborated booty workout?

The Addison Rae and Kourtney Kardashian Booty Workout

The Addison Rae and Kourtney Kardashian Booty Workout

It was a great session, and both of their fans enjoyed it. Do you know what the booty workout was? If no, then here is the sneak peek: 

  • Fire Hydrant (30 seconds for each leg, 1 minute in total)
  • Donkey Kicks (30 seconds for each leg, 1 minute in total) 
  • Fire Hydrant Extension (30 seconds for each leg, 1 minute in total) 

Now, repeat each set 3 times. 

Right leg, Left Leg, Repeat!

A simple but highly effective booty workout within 9 minutes only. 

You see, Addison Rae have worked really hard for this tempting body. She had a very athletic background. She used to join softball teams and gymnastics teams from the beginning of her school life. 

She was also a part of the cheerleader’s group. She has done a lot of athletic stuff in her school life. 

As she had an athletic background, she had participated in many sports competitions. So, it’s one of the secrets of her good shape.

Sleep Schedule

Addison Rae has a very different sleep schedule, unlike many other fitness influencers. While most fitness influencers get up in the morning, Addison Rae goes to sleep in the morning. 

She sleeps at 3 AM at night, but she sleeps mostly in the morning. She takes a deep sleep of 6-7 hours and wakes up at the end of the morning. 

She’s just 21. So, expecting a highly disciplined life seems unfair to me. 

Addison Rae Diet Plan: What Does She Eat All Day Long?

With a hectic busy schedule, messed up sleeping habits, and a highly intensive workout routine, what keeps her going is Addison Rae’s diet plan. 

Though there is nothing special in Addison Rae diet plan, she understands her body and knows what works for her. 

She has three meals a day. 

In Addison Rae’s diet plan, juice and healthy proteins are common. Juice keeps her skin glowing and helps her to stay hydrated. 

Whereas the protein helps her workout with high intensity and gives her energy all day long. Then again, she also enjoys junk foods and snacks (sometimes). 

I found the diet plan of Addison Rae is an effortless yet balanced diet. However, she never claims that she has a balanced diet. She eats light meals and drink lots of water. 

So, here’s a short glimpse of what Addison Rae eats in her three meals. 


  • Fruits (like bananas)
  • Peanut Butter 
  • Vegetable smoothies (green smoothies)
  • Pink drink by Starbucks 
  • Blueberry Smoothie 


  • Butter Noodles 
  • Chick Fil 
  • Salad 
  • Chick-Fil-A 
  • Chicken Nuggets 


  • Pizza (because she loves it)
  • Rice & Chicken 
  • Fruit Salad
  • Tacos 

Habits You Should Learn From Addison Rae

So, if you want to adopt some of Addison Rae’s fitness habits, here are some habits you can adapt (the right way): 

  • There is no fixed Addison Rae Workout Routine. She dances every day and follows essential workouts. She doesn’t have her own workout routine. Addison mostly enjoys her workout routine and diet. 
  • She doesn’t have a fixed and balanced diet. Addison eats junk foods and healthy foods too. She enjoys her life. The Addison Rae workout schedule and diet plan may look awkward to you, but it works for her.
  • In her daily routine, besides having fun and partying, she has also prioritized her work. See, making tik tok videos may look easy, but it takes effort, and she gives her all. That’s why, within only three years, she’s a famous American social media influencer and now an American Actress! 
  • In her exercise routine and diet plan, she added things she loves, including dancing, pink drink, etc. 

So, these are something you can add to your fitness routine. Instead of making things hard on you, start enjoying it as Addison Rae does. 

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Final Words

Addison Rae is one of the fastest growing tik tok stars in America. She spends most of her time on making videos for tik tok and YouTube. 

And, video making takes a lot of effort to get the perfect shot. That’s why, it’s hard to determine if there’s any strict workout plan or diet plan of addison rae. However, based on her daily vlogs, tiktok videos, interviews and instagram days, I found all the above information. 

As you have already learned, Addison Rae doesn’t follow any meal plan or workout routine. She does what she loves and tries to live healthy as much as possible! 


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