Metabolic Research Center Review: Does This Clinic Worth It?

Metabolic Research Center Review: Does This Clinic Worth It?

Last Updated on May, 2024

When it comes to a premium weight loss experience, the metabolic research center is one of the USA’s renowned weight loss service providers. With over 40 years of experience and 100+ branches, it’s the go-to weight loss solution for thousands of people. 

Then again, it charges a hefty amount of money and doesn’t even have insurance coverage. Does the metabolic research center deserve my hard-earned money when a question arises? 

In this metabolic research center review, we will learn everything about the metabolic research center and figure out the answer to it as well. 

So, read this article and decide otherwise you can always waste your money! 

Now, it’s your call! 

What is the Metabolic Research Center and How Does it Work? 

The metabolic research center is a weight loss service provider founded in the 80s. With over 100 centers in the USA, it’s a reliable source for losing weight healthily. 

Every metabolic research center has a team of doctors, online consultants: nutritionists, and medical professionals. 

The primary goal of this company is to help its clients with healthy weight loss. It treats men, women, elders, and even infants suffering from obesity. 

Metabolic research center provides all types of weight loss solutions like education, consultation, diet plan, and supervision as well. It focuses more on metabolic syndromes, examining the root cause, nutrition, and metabolism. 

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How Does it Work? 

Basically, the metabolic research center follows its own way. Depending on the patient, they offer a personalized program. 

The enrollment starts with finding the root cause, which is done with DNA testing. Once it’s figured out, it offers a personalized solution to the patient. 

Other than that, they also offer fixed programs like the metabolic magic 28-day program. The program includes everything like protein and nutritional drinks, supplements and a guideline to follow. 

So, this is how the metabolic research center works! It always depends on your needs! 

Does Metabolic Research Center Help With Weight Loss? 

Well, yes, it does! 

Thousands of people got help with its services in the past 40 years. It goes to the root cause and then gives you a solution; it works better than many others. 

However, this premium weight loss service is quite expensive (more expensive than many other programs). 

What Does the Metabolic Research Center Offer? 

Well, the metabolic research center is a different type of weight loss solution. Instead of focusing on the natural solution, most of their program focuses on their products. 

Here are a few products metabolic research center offers: 


Metabolic research center offers multiple supplements with their brand name. They also provide multivitamins, protein drinks, protein bars, and protein shake powders. 

Also, their high nutrient supplement seems quite common in all programs—they sell all these separately and on their weight loss kit and bundle packages. 

Diet Plan 

Metabolic research center highly promotes eating healthy. They also believe following a healthy diet plan can help you lose weight. On their official website, you can find 100+ recipes like Loaded Baked Potato Soup. 

You can also purchase a cookbook (costs around $12) from their official store. Its official online store also sells cooking ingredients like healthy soup.

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It provides essential consultation with nutritionists, doctors, and so on. In this one and one consultation, you can learn a lot about your body and how you can lose weight faster. It provides online consultation as well. 

Is Metabolic Research Center Worth a Try? 

Metabolic research center’s solution and guideline works, no doubt about that! However, it’s pretty expensive, and it depends on whether you can afford it! 

If you can afford it, it is worth giving it a try. 

Then again, some alternatives can help you lose weight without spending much. Keep reading, and you’ll learn more about it! 

Costs And Worthiness 

How Much Does the Metabolic Research Center Cost? 

The most confusing thing with the metabolic research center is it doesn’t have any fixed cost. As the plans are customized, for some it’s $300, and for others, it’s $3000. It entirely depends on the condition. 

There are costs for each thing. You have to pay for maintenance, supervision, supplements, DNA testing, etc. 

Also, there is no money-back guarantee (at least not in their terms and conditions), so if you lose, you lose it all. 

Is the Metabolic Research Center Too Expensive? 

Yes, it is! 

I found it ten times more expensive than many other programs that work! Also, when you see the result is not sustainable once you stop following their guide or taking the supplement, it feels like adding fuel to the flames. 

Also, there are many other programs (10x cheaper) that help with weight loss and help you to get into a healthy lifestyle. And if it doesn’t work for you, you can get all your money refunded. 

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My Experience And Side Effects 

Once I had tried the metabolic research center for a month. So, here is my experience you should know!

My Experience With The Metabolic Research Center 

While looking for professional help in weight loss, my friend Rick recommended the Metabolic Research center. 

Once I visited the metabolic research center, I had to consult with a consultant. He recommends I go through a DNA test for better understanding. It cost me around $150; still, I did (anything for health). 

After that, they saw my report and told me about my body, metabolism, and how I can fasten it. Also, the consultant gave me a guideline on what I should and shouldn’t do. 

Once I agreed to the procedure, he recommended many supplements like all day weight loss plan, essential trace minerals, internal cleaner, etc. Also, there were soups, protein bars, and protein drinks.

Then again, there were packs of high nutrient drinks and a chart of what to eat and when. The consultant also gave some guidelines like: 

  • Eating time
  • Eating quantity
  • Not counting calories

I bought everything for a month, and the consultant recommended I come again in a few days. That cost me around $300 (without a DNA test). 

The meal plan was full of healthy meals and meals were delicious and easy to cook as well. However, I used to workout regularly. But, the consultant said, he said it was unnecessary. 

I can still lose weight without exercising. I followed the advice and stopped exercising (and I still regret it). 

I followed all of the instructions and to be honest, it was easy! 

As a result, I lost around 11 pounds after a month. But it wasn’t permanent. 

After a month, I was out of supplies and I didn’t want to buy again. In 2 weeks, I ended up gaining 4 pounds. 

After that, I never consulted with the metabolic research center.

Just like me, hundreds of people didn’t like the duration of the result whereas the cost was huge! 

Do I Recommend it? 

Well, it depends on you! 

I spent $450 on the program, and I didn’t find it good enough. It is because many people are seeing much better results spending 9x lesser. 

That’s why I wasn’t happy with the result. So, if you are looking for something endless, a metabolic research center is a no-go! 

But, if you are someone who doesn’t have to worry about spending, who doesn’t like exercising and needs to cut some pounds faster, you can try metabolic research center.

Are There Any Side Effects of the Metabolic Research Center? 

One of the biggest concerns about the metabolic research center is whether it has any side effects or not! The metabolic research center sells supplements that aren’t 100% natural. 

While following the program, in the beginning, I felt a bit hungrier, fatigued, and had a headache for a while. However, after a few days, there were no symptoms like this. 

Also, many had nausea and an upset stomach. Luckily, I haven’t faced anything like that. However, the impact of these side-effects is mild. I was working at the office and doing all the daily chores, the symptoms didn’t bother me. 

What Do Others Say About the Metabolic Research Center? 

It’s always better to hear from the users first. There are plenty of reviews available on their website and on other forums as well. 

However, I have gathered a short glimpse of customer testimonials. I hope it’ll give you a clear vision. 

I joined Metabolic over two years ago. I was very pleased with my results. The staffs at the center are wonderful and supportive. I came to know and appreciate a number of them. The principles they teach are very effective. I recommend Metabolic strongly for as a solid, weight loss program.
– Victor Nobert
I initially signed up to the program because the staff was so welcoming and supportive. I was skeptical about the cost but decided to make try and make it work. I told the counselor that I was on a limited income but she reassured me that I wouldn’t have more cost. I called to cancel the program and get my full refund before the three days required. I explained to the counselor that I was sure I couldn’t do the program because I couldn’t afford the protein shakes. She said that I wouldn’t have to drink but maybe a couple a day! Long story short they weren’t satisfied unless I bought those shakes! I was required to drink 5 per day on my second meal plan. That’s not a couple!!They refused to support me continuing on with their program unless I bought those shakes! If I had known upfront the cost of the whole program including the shakes and how many I would need I would not have joined. Sadly I wasted 400$! They also pushed their supplements on me until I told them my doctor told me not to take them because they weren’t considering my health issues. Bad business ????.
– Carolyn Kurien
As a women in her fifties, I would not have believed I could still lose 2 to 3 pounds a week. I started a little over five weeks ago and I have lost 15 pounds. The supplements and protein drinks really help with hunger/blood sugar, and my body looks leaner, too. I lost 13 inches overall the first month. This is a sound and satisfying program. So glad I found it.
– Maggie

Pros and Cons of the Metabolic Research Center 


Figure out the root cause of your weight gain through DNA testing. 
One-one consultation to make things easier 
Promotes healthy eating 
Original and highly beneficial supplements 
DNA testing
Helpful consultants 


Too expensive 
Unsustainable result 
Doesn’t promote exercise

Better Alternative: Metabolic Renewal

First, we need to understand that weight loss is not the primary goal. The primary goal is to stay fit and stay healthy forever.

And that’s exactly what Metabolic Renewal does!

If you want a change that’ll last forever, this program is absolutely worth taking a look. 

Metabolic Renewal is a 12-week online workout and diet plan designed specifically to optimize your metabolism and balance your hormones through a variety of HIIT workouts, hormone specific meal plans, non-exercise associated thermogenesis (NEAT) and many more. 

Metabolic Renewal

You’ll experience not only weight loss, but improved physical and mental health.

I’ve completed the full 12-weeks of the program and lost 14 pounds. It’s been two-weeks now, since I did not stop following the program even after I completed it, to my surprise I’ve lost another 3 pounds. 

Metabolic Renewal is really excellent and life-changing. I’ve recommended it to a lot of people I know who are struggling to lose pounds. 

The program is extremely easy to follow too, and preparing the meal takes no time and tastes excellent. The reason for me to recommend Metabolic Renewal to most is because it’s a completely risk-free purchase. You can get a 90-day money back guarantee. 

Compared to Research Center where you’ve got to purchase supplements along with a lot of other extras, whereas Metabolic Renewal provides everything within the program and there’s no extra costs whatsoever. 

Renewal costs just $67 which compared to the Research Center is way low and benefits you get with Renewal are priceless and you get a lot of other useful bonuses too. You just need to check it out for yourself.


The metabolic research center is a well-known weight loss solution, and I am not here to drag it down! It’s just that I didn’t like the result. 

However, if you want personalized care, learn about the reason behind weight gain, and get an instant solution (if you can afford it), then the metabolic research center can be an excellent option for you! 

But, if you consider adopting good habits and getting into a healthy lifestyle, then Metabolic Renewal is the best solution for you! 

Now it’s your call!


Metabolic Renewal
Metabolic Renewal
Meal & Workouts




Overall Score


visa, master, amex, paypal
Workouts can be done at home and do not require any equipment
Reasonable price, only $67
Provides a 90-day money-back guarantee
The program is made in line with your body and hormonal type
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of May
Some dinner recipes don’t taste good

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